Ultimate world cup soccer 20x6

Battle ZOMBIES in this side scrolling "soccer" game. BTW, the graphics are supposed to be cheesy. Its "retro".

w - jump (invulnerable to attacks)
a - left
d - right
q - switch weapon
left mouse button - shoot
mouse - aim
space - kick/headbutt ball (aim with mouse)

Kill as many ZOMBIES as you can and then kick the ball into the goal on the RIGHT to end the game. If you die or the enemy scores on the LEFT SIDE your points are halved.

Wow, this game is really small compared to my Virtual Police shooters (300kb vs 8mb). That's because this game is mostly actionscript instead of 3d rendering. The graphics in this game resemble a hybrid of 16-bit and 4-bit technologies (for some reason), so something like Mortal Kombat meets Space Invaders. I've programmed in a nice physics and particle system - but it may be laggy on "some" computers. Turning off BLOOD SPLATTERS helps. Turning off BLOOD PARTICLES helps the most but takes away some of the fun. Gameplay is similar to that of Madness Interactive.