Which Inside Out Character Are You

Have you ever watched a movie or a cartoon and felt like you identify with one of the characters? Have you felt that while watching the most beloved animated movie this year, Inside Out? After all, the cute characters represent certain human traits and surely you have one or more of those. Would you like to know for sure which Inside Out character are you? If the answer is yes well play Which Inside Out Character Are You a new game. What you will have to do is answer some questions that will reveal some of your most important traits. Start with the first question and tell us what you are most scared of. Is it a clown? Is it Olaf or maybe a spider? Choose what scares you most and advance to the next question. Answer all ten questions and tell us what your favorite and least favorite things are, answer questions regarding your behavior and your reactions. When you’re done with the questions, tell us your name and finally, find out which character you are! This super fun game is a perfect game to share with your friends! Have fun!