Sarah's Winter Nail Art

Girls, Sarah loves winter and she likes to match her style with each season of the year. This winter, she warts to try a great manicure and pedicure to match with the season. It would be a great idea if you could help her with your creative skills. Start the very fun game called Sarah's Winter Nail Art and begin by doing the manicure. You can choose different colors and patterns and apply them to the nails with a brush. For winter a good choice is a great pattern with penguins and a cute blue color. For a unique manicure you can add some gorgeous stickers and gems on the nails. Accessorize with flirty bracelets and cute rings. In Sarah's Winter Nail Art you can try a great pedicure as well and you can try patterns with bright colors. Accessorize with stickers and the best ones are bows and gems. Enjoy the game called Sarah's Winter Nail Art!