Fab Hair Salon

Hey girls! Meet cute girl Cora, who has decided to go to a great party with her friends. She has picked a great dress with glitzy accessories and now she needs a new hairstyle. To have the most beautiful hairstyle she decided to visit the Fab Hair Salon where the best hair stylist works. She know here she will have a great time and her hair will look gorgeous. The first steps are the hair washing and it\'s a good idea to use hair mask as well. A healthy and clean hair it\'s best to achieve a great look and Cora\'s hair will look so silky and soft after the hair wash. In the Fab Hair Salon she can choose to have cute straight hairstyle or a curly one. Either way it\'s a good idea to keep the hair long and beautiful which will help create beautiful hair buns or braids. Have fun playing Fab Hair Salon!