Barbie And Ken: A Second Chance

Hey girls, would you like to see Barbie and Ken getting back together? Barbie was browsing on the internet the other day, when she decided to check out Ken’s profile to see how he's been doing. It looks like Ken feels lonely and he wants to win her back. In this Barbie And Ken: A Second Chance game you have to help him, because she decided to give him a second chance to Ken but he has to earn it. Ken needs to pass a test to prove Barbie that he knows her well. Let's see if he can answer correctly to Barbie's question. If you want to see them back together in this Barbie And Ken: A Second Chance game, you need to help Ken answer correctly to the questions. He might not remember what the name of Barbie’s best friend is as she is surrounded by many people, or what the name of her first pet is. Men tend to forget these small things which are so important for us, the girls. For each correct answer, Ken receives points and for every wrong answer he will lose points. Now let's try to reunite this lovely couple in this fun new Barbie And Ken: A Second Chance quiz game!