Aurora And Cinderella College Girls

Aurora and Cinderella are the most popular college girls. They always have a perfect look, love to be stylish and trendy and they never leave the dorm without wearing a makeup. In this new Aurora And Cinderella College Girls game you need to make sure that these princesses are looking absolutely fabulous for tonight`s sorority party. This is an important night for them, so you must be their makeup artist and fashion adviser. If you are up for this challenge, play this cool Aurora And Cinderella College Girls game to get these girls ready for the party! First you need to create Cinderella`s makeup, so choose a nice lip color such as lilac pink, a blue eye shadow and a light pink blush. Don`t forget to apply the mascara and you can start creating Aurora`s make up as well. Once done, you have to create a fancy hairstyle and choose the right outfits. Cinderella prefers casual outfits while Aurora loves wearing dresses, such as the light pink one. Don`t forget about the accessories, such as the purse or backpack, glasses and a scarf. These college girls are now ready to party! Have fun playing this fun new Aurora And Cinderella College Girls game!